Traditional Squat

Traditional Squat


  • Feet shoulder width, or a little wider than shoulder width apart
  • Toes pointing straight forward or slightly turned out
  • Keep abdominals tight
  • Shoulders down
  • Chin up


  • Begin the movement by breaking at the hips and pushing your bum out behind you and your chest up and out in front of you
  • Note: It is okay to allow your upper body to come forward, but be sure to keep your chest up and facing forward
  • Bend your knees and aim to sit down behind yourself, while keeping your weight in your heels
  • At the bottom of the movement your knees should be bent no more than 90 degrees, and should remain directly over top of the ankles
  • If your knees are coming forward over your toes, you will need to push your hips back farther behind you
  • Do not allow your knees to come together as you squat, or go too far apart. The knees should remain directly in line with the ankles front to back, as well as side to side


  • Return to the starting position
  • Squeeze your glutes forward and pull the abs tight

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