Lower Back, Hip, and Knee Stabilizing Exercises

by tgiffitness on June 21, 2013

Today I wanted to provide you with a few exercises and stretches that will help stabilize your lower back, hips and knees, to help prevent or rehabilitate the nagging pain that can be felt in these areas. Often times, squats, lunges and other popular exercises can cause discomfort or irritation in our joints. This irritation can be the result of an injury, cartilage degradation, or arthritis, but most frequently is the result of poor exercise form and tight muscles. Tight quadricep and hip flexor muscles are common culprits of lower back, hip and knee pain, and should be stretched on a daily basis.

Exercises for Lower Back, Hip and Knee Pain

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Stretches for Lower Back, Hip and Knee Pain

The Hip flexor muscles are located at the front of the hips between the upper thigh and the abdomen. There are a number of muscles that are responsible for flexing the hip (Bending forward or lifting the leg in front of the body). The Rectus Femoris is the muscle that runs down the center of the thigh and is responsible for lifting the leg, as well as extending the knee. Chronically tight Rectus Femoris muscles can lead to knee pain.

The Psoas muscle runs from the base of the lower spine to the thigh bone. It too is responsible for flexing the hip. If the Psoas muscles are tight, they will pull on the lower back causing the hips to tilt forward, and the lower spine to arch. This can cause irritation in the muscles of the lower back, as well as compress the nerves of the L1 to L5 vertebraes. See “The Secret To Strong Abdominals” to learn how to prevent your hip flexors from interfering with your abdominal exercises.

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