Sumo Squat

by tgiffitness on January 11, 2013

Sumo Squat


  • Start with your feet wider than shoulder width apart, and your toes turned out to 45º
  • Keep abdominals tight and back straight
  • Shoulders down
  • Eyes looking straight ahead


  • Begin the movement by breaking at the hips and pushing your bum out behind you and your chest up and out in front of you
  • Note: It is okay to allow your upper body to come forward, but be sure to keep your chest up and facing forward
  • Bend your knees and aim to sit down behind yourself, while keeping your weight in your heels
  • At the bottom of the movement your knees should be bent no more than 90 degrees, and should remain directly over top of the ankles
  • If your knees are coming forward over your toes, you will need to push your hips back farther behind you
  • Do not allow your knees to come together as you squat. Press the knees out slightly, and make sure that they remain directly in line with the ankles.


  • Return to the starting position
  • Squeeze your glutes forward and pull the abs tight
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