Pelvic Tilt

by tgiffitness on December 18, 2012

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  • Lying on your back
  • Knees bent, feet flat on the floor
  • Arms down by your sides


  • Begin the movement by contracting your abdominals, pulling the bellybutton in, and pressing your lower back into the floor
  • The hips should scoop under and just the very bottom of the bum should come off the floor. 
  • Make sure you are not lifting the entire bum off the floor.
  • Don’t forget about the upper abdominals when you are doing the pelvic tilt. You want to make sure that as you tilt, you are contracting the upper abdominals and pulling the rib cage down towards the bellybutton
  • From here you are going to relax back to a neutral spine. You do not want to go passed the neutral spine to where you are arching your back and pressing your tailbone into the floor. This will cause lower back irritation.


  • Exhale on the contraction/tilt
  • Inhale as you release back to a relaxed position

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