Vegan Challenge

by tgiffitness on November 13, 2012

This week I am challenging myself to eat a almost 100% Vegan diet.

My Reasons for the Challenge:

  1. This is a personal challenge to test my will and creativity.
  2. To force myself to find or create recipes that I enjoy that contain beans, lentils, etc. I do not particularly enjoy beans, but I wish that I did. They are a great source of many nutrients and should be included in my diet.
  3. To find healthy alternatives and to diversify my food choices
  4. To ween myself off sweet things
  5. For the pursuit of science. This is an experiment to see how this way of eating effects my body, energy level, etc.


Honey. Although honey is not considered vegan, I personally believe it is healthier than agave nectar or other sweeteners. Plus, I just bought 3 liters of honey last week! Ha!

Where I Stand on Vegan Diets:

  1. I believe a vegan diet can be healthy if done correctly
  2. I believe that just because something is vegan, it does not necessarily mean it is healthy
  3. I believe it will increase the number of servings of fruits and vegetables I eat each day
  4. I believe eating this way will reinforce healthy eating habits I strive for


  1. Drink More water
  2. Drink Less Coffee
  3. Have at least 1 smoothie each day
  4. Learn to like Beans
  5. Reduce the amount of honey I eat


  1. I do not like beans
  2. I love poached eggs
  3. I use yogurt and cottage cheese frequently in my smoothies
  4. Finding a week’s worth of vegan recipes

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