One Arm Row

by tgiffitness on October 25, 2012

One Arm Row


  • Take a large step forward into a lunge position
  • Front leg bent, back leg straight
  • Bend forward until your upper body is almost perpendicular with the floor
  • Keep your chest out and tailbone up
  • Weight evenly distributed between both feet
  • Rest one hand on your front knee for balance
  • The other arm will hang straight down from the shoulder


  • Using the muscles of your upper back, pull the shoulder back towards the center of your spine, and away from your head
  • As you pull the shoulder back, bend your arm to 90 degrees and pull the weight towards your waist
  • Keep the arm and elbow glued to your side as you pull the weight upwards
  • The elbow should only come as far back (or up) as your shoulder does, so that the upper arm ends perpendicular to the floor. (This prevents the shoulder from rotating forward and rounding in the spine)
  • Exhale on the upward motion


  • Return the arm back to the starting position
  • Inhale on as you straighten the arm


  • Do not aim to bring the elbow up as high as you can. For this exercise, you should concentrate on gliding the shoulder blade along the rib cage and in towards the spine
  • Do not round forward with your upper back. Feel as though you are opening up the chest as you pull the weight back
  • Do not put all of your body weight onto the front foot. Keep your weight evenly distributed
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